AHOMÉ CARE, the first company for home nursing care in Togo

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Several indicators still show that access to health care and support remain problematic. In addition, the reception of patients in healthcare institutions is not optimal, the quality of care leaves much to be desired despite the adoption of a new strategy to help improve the quality of care and of life. 

Human resources are quantitatively and qualitatively insufficient. There are long hours of waiting for basic care, to which is added a real problem of displacement for a good part of the population.

Access to care has always been the hobbyhorse of Prisca Bruce, Togolese head nurse based in Belgium, and who, in view of these findings, decided to participate in the development of her country by providing international expertise in the field of care. ambulatory.


Prisca Bruce, Founder of AHOME Care

From this initiative was born a little over a year ago AHOMÉ CARE, a company specializing in the field of home nursing care, with a vision of bringing the health care offer closer to the community and the population and of providing quality care.

These main objectives focus on strengthening the home hospitalization of patients, ensuring continuity of care for patients who have been treated abroad, especially in the West, as well as the generalization of outpatient care. The client is considered in his physical, psychological and social dimensions.

AHOMÉ CARE is a dynamic team of competent healthcare professionals who put the patient at the heart of care! By providing tailor-made care at home, in a hotel, in your office, or even in a hospital setting. AHOMÉ CARE undertakes to serve you, no matter where you are located.


AHOMÉ CARE, this is the very first service of this type in Togo. Access to quality care, with rigor and unequivocal professionalism, must be at the center of all concerns. That is why AHOMÉ CARE offers tailor-made support solutions for patients who want to seek treatment in the West as well as in the sub-region.

Reachable any time any day of the week, the AHOMÉ CARE team meets your needs with all the professionalism and discretion that this implies.

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