A young Beninese Richard Odjrado launches Aswatch, an anti-theft smartwatch.

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A tool that everyone must have! Have you ever lost your smartphone? have you ever left it in a taxi or somewhere? well that won’t happen anymore if you have the ASWATCH!

A smart watch that fits on your smartphone, you can’t forget it anywhere. Incredible but true! An African entrepreneur, A genius! @Richard G. ODJRADO Discover AS WATCH which will make a place for itself among the giants of the sector such as Huawei watch, Samsung Galaxy watch, apple watch and Honor watch (the whole universe of watches and other connected objects)

Potential best Smartwatch 2019
Potential best start-up 2019
Best innovation potential 2019
Potential Best Entrepreneur 2019
Best-seller potential 2019
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Invest, pre-order or become a distributor now on the site: www.asworld.tech


  • Innovative: Preventive anti-theft For smartphone (innovation) you will never lose your smartphone again.

  • Convenient and reliable:
    Useful and innovative applications with an autonomy of 3 days and an internal memory of 64 GB.
  • Design:
    Chic, soft and adaptable to all styles with 2 changeable bracelets.
  • Price & Quality:
    Resistant, reliable, waterproof, suitable for Android, iOS, windows at 30,000 F CFA / $ 55.
  • Multilingual



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