Cameroon: Youth innovators create device to filter air and administer oxygen to patients.

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The ambition of this global project of the SING AFRICA project is to highlight the abilities of our local talents in sectors such as health, education and many others But that of our oxygen unit leaves the principle that access to oxygen care is quite complex due to its unavailability in remote areas generally with a high population concentration, but also its accessibility in terms of cost.

Yet nature offers us free air and this air contains 21% oxygen. There are therefore methods for recovering this oxygen with a purity of at least 92%.

Conventional machines capable of extracting oxygen exist on the market but are quite expensive (on average $ 1,337 or 800,000 CFA francs) and can only be used for one patient. If we find ourselves in a case like the one we live in with several patients in urgent need of oxygen, we would have to use several machines or have to watch some patients lose their lives.

This situation made a group of young Cameroonians to think about a solution which is very much affordable.

How their ” Air to Oxygen ” device work

The machine has a device for sucking air into the environment, filters this air to eliminate large particles, medium and small ones like bacteria. The filtered air is then screened to fix nitrogen and rare gases, then humidify and store and then admitted directly to the needy patient.
” We presented this machine to the Ministry of Public Health as well as its contribution in the fight against covid-19. The reaction of the Minhealth has been very positive and we are studying the possibility and putting it into service to help the patients. For scientific research and innovation, we have not yet been contacted by the relevant departments. Some hospitals are already using this machine and are very satisfied with the results. The good news is that the quality of the oxygen produced can be checked by an oxygen analyzer. ” said Mbarga Jean Pierre on of the innovators.
” At this stage of the project, we hope that the authorities and civil society will encourage us to achieve our ultimate objective, which is to produce it locally through financial support and other various forms of aid.” he said.

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