Cameroonian Youth invents “Bobot “, a robot controllable by an app

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Karol Charles Konarski, aged 19 years old , he was born in Douala. He is a sophomore at the Faculty of Engineering and Technology at the University of Buea, Cameroon. He is the founder and CEO of Afritech Labs. He is a passionate of technology, robotics and aeronautics. He hasstarted making projects with his late father, Christopher Gabriel Konarski, when he was 7-8 years old, where they were mounting cartoon cars together.

" What were your motivations for creating Bobot? "

” Given that I am a passionate of technology and robotics, I felt on one movie entitled “Big Hero 6” which had a medical assistant named “Baymax”. From there I told myself why not make a robot that will attain and help humans for health care or help them as a personal assistant. There’s also the fact that I’ve always looked for a way to show to the outside world, that we Africans, we can make something out of our education. “
” I’ve desired to make this project since 2019 after watching back the movie “Big Hero 6” ones more… but finally launched it during 2020 by the month of June-July, with the corona virus crises. I told myself it may help during this difficult period too. The start wasn’t easy, since I was in lack of material and finance… eventually with time; I’ve succeeded to assemble some money to buy some components that I’ll use. “
Karol Charles Konarski

Bobot is a controllable robot for the while, with the aid of one of my android apps Karol made. It uses and contains a Bluetooth module to permit the connection. It has a temperature and humidity sensor, used to monitor both of them in a constant timeline, a speaker which outputs pre-registered vocals, for particular responses and an ultrasonic sensor to detect obstacles and objects. It is capable of moving with the presence of wheeled motors. Bobot is controlled by a microcontroller known as “Arduino” that he has programmed to make specific actions.

At a long term, Bobot could be integrated into our daily life activities such as Home personal assistant or even in our various hospitals and health centers. He is developed to take care of people and to help them. Hence, he will facilitate human lives and efforts.

” I’ll strongly invite our African youth to engage in these activities. This is one form of technology which will help us and improve our way of living, giving that Africa is one of the continent with more labor force than machine. It will lead us to betterment and our future generation will not have to complain, because they will live a sustainable life. ” said Karol to conclude the intervew.

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