Nigerian teen builds single-seater aircraft

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Kensmith Rechiel is a Nigerian teenager who is making Nigeria  glad with his inventiveness . The young mam built a motorbike, single seater aircraft, a two-seater  watercraft and a few remote-controlled cars before his 18th birthday.
Kensmith explored his inventive capacities and talents at the age of 7, and it’ll be safe to say the sky will be the limit for him and at the turn of 16, he had built an RC scale plane that flies which he called “Donko Ruler“. His talents and innovations came into light when a video of him riding his locally-made motorbike hit the web.
Kensmith, who just completed his secondary school education, deplored how need of funds and financial fortitude has hampered his projects of making robots and advance consolidating on his innovation as his father is without work whereas the family lives off his mother’s bean cakes commerce.
He said: “I discovered my talents when I was 7 and have been building things ever since including locally-made remote-controlled cars, single seater aircraft, two-seater sea boat and the most recent is the motorbike. “My major challenge so far has been finance. I do some menial jobs to make sure I invented and built something.”
Despite financial limitations, Kenneth’s family has been very supportive of his talents. The young man wants to become an aeronautical engineer in the future so he can create robots and further explore his talents. 

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