OXYNNET: A connected medical oxygen production network made in Cameroon

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After his first invetion Cardiopad ARTHUR ZANG, Graduate Engineer from École Polytechnique de Yaoundé is doing it again with another invention OXYNNET.

After a long period of hard work as difficult as it was exciting, Himore Medical, the company created by Arthur Zang Adzab, has officially presented its new product for the fight against respiratory diseases, including Covid-19.

Oxynnet (Oxygen National Network), a system made up of connected medical oxygen production stations, designed and manufactured in Cameroon

OXYNNET is a medical oxygen production network. It consists of several oxygen production stations interconnected to the same control system.

Each station is installed in a hospital and produces 95% oxygen concentrated air continuously from ambient air, which is only 21% oxygen concentrated. It is powered by electricity and has a solar power supply and a battery.

The station can provide medical oxygen to more than 10 patients simultaneously and without interruption, it is controlled remotely from a mobile phone and through the mobile telephone network thanks to an Android application

OXYNNET has three main features:

1-Oxygen Production

The OXYNNET system is a network of medical oxygen stations. Each station produces 95% pure oxygen from ambient air. It runs on electricity and has a rechargeable battery thanks to its panel. The station is equipped with a configurable control unit thanks to a 7 inch touch screen. The various parameters used to measure the activity of the station are displayed using manometers and flowmeters on the control panel.

2-Storage and distribution of oxygen

The station stores oxygen after having compressed it into one or more cylinders, then distributes this oxygen inside the hospital to the various patients connected to the oxygen network. This network consists of several tubes, masks, oxygen outlets and several sensors to measure the oxygen consumption for each patient in the network.

3-Remote Control

Thanks to an Android application, it is possible to control the station from your mobile phone. The application is easy to use and allows you to connect or disconnect one or more patients, adjust the station’s oxygen flow rate, observe the parameters of patients connected to the network. This remote control can be done through a Wifi network or the GSM network.
Arthur Zang

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