Rwanda deploys robots for coronavirus screening

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Rwanda replaced portion of its COVID-19 screening staff on Tuesday with robots, we learned from a few concordant sources. According to the Rwandan every day daily paper The Modern Times, the five robots each have the capacity to detect between 50 and 150 individuals per minute. With these robots, the authorities hope to play down human contact, which pointlessly exposes health workers.

The robots are made by a Belgian company called Zora Mechanical technology. According to a tweet from the company, the beginning of the venture dates back to a conference held in Bonn, Germany, final year.   President Paul Kagame, in power in Rwanda since 2000, was on stage as one of the panelists. During the question and reply session, a agent of the company took the microphone and asked if Rwanda would be interested in utilizing one of these robots. Half-joking, President Kagame said, “If you bring me one of your robots, I’ll buy you a ticket.”  And that was it.

“The president invited us to visit his country and we immediately fell in love with Rwanda and its dynamic people. From that moment on, it was obvious that Rwanda would be the place where our business was going to start in Africa”, recalls the CEO of the company, Fabrice Goffin Co, in a video posted on Twitter.

“The company was established in a day,” said the CEO. Her name is ZORABOTS AFRICA.

According to Tommy Deblieck, co-CEO of Zora Robotics, robots can take the temperature and detect whether the individual  being tested is wearing a face mask or not.

The units deployed on Tuesday each cost around $ 3,300. The costs were covered at least in part by the United Nations Development Fund (UNDP), according to Zora Robotics.

The quick procurement and deployment of these robots is only the final step marked by Rwanda in its walk towards sustainable improvement.

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