Save :The best geolocation app made in Cameroon

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Samuel Thierry Njock, the founder of Save is a Cameroonian, 32 years old. He holds a BA in Management and a Masters in Finance. During his first professional experience in a brewing company, he was passionate about information systems. He is strongly influenced by the thought of Jobs, who thought that technology should make it possible to do more simply what constitutes the daily life of men: to move, to listen to music, to use a telephone, etc. Samuel is gifted for the conception and simple problem modeling, and he’s passionate about design.

The Save project arises from the fact that Samuel works in the North, at the beginning of the Boko Haram crisis. His relatives are constantly worried about his safety, and his girlfriend lives in Yaoundé. There is sometimes no way of knowing in real time whether she is doing well or not, whether she is in the office or at home. Samuel then thought of creating an application, which would allow him to share his position with his loved ones, publish photos and videos of what we are doing in real time, and send alerts in the event of an accident or insecurity. , car breakdown.

Samuel Thierry Njock

Save really started with Samuel’s participation in the project competition called Digital Thursday in November 2017. Samuel then presented the very first version of the idea, a social network around health and safety. Samuel goes through the selection phase, then the online voting phase, after which the six finalists are chosen. Save is therefore in the final. For reasons independent of the organizers, the final will not take place, but it was a capital experience in the formalization of the idea and the project.

What is actually the app “save”?

<< Share your location with your loved ones, post your moments, receive and send SOS.>>

Save is the best geolocation app for your family and friends. It is now easier and simpler to know where the people who matter most to you are in real time, and if they are safe, even when they are very far from you. With Save, see in real time where your loved ones are, go easily to them, and share what you do through photos and videos.

User profile on save app

Save also offers you features for your health and safety. You can:

– Display the hospitals and pharmacies closest to your location

– Send alerts to your loved ones in case of car accident, breakdown, insecurity

– Receive real-time data on health and safety issues (dangerous area, weak network in an area, other recommendations and health and safety information)

-Invite your loved ones to Save, then add them to your group
– See in real time their positions on the map
– Easily join them from the routes
– Share your moments with them through photos and videos, and see their moments

The founder of Save has two major long-term goals for his app:

– Allow individuals to navigate more easily and more simply towards each other, especially in the event of a perilous situation such as an accident, an insecurity problem
– Allow individuals to appreciate geolocation: make it interesting enough for them to forget the aspect of tracking, which most scares them as soon as they hear geolocation.

SAVE TEAM is mainly composed of 3 people: – Samuel Thierry Njock: Its objective is to bring localization in real time to everyone, to make it less intrusive, simple and more interactive, so that users forget the tracking part. Samuel is good at corporate finance, but also in conception, analysis and design. – Loic Kami: As he often says, JavaScript is his first wife. Engineer, he worked on several sites and applications before joining the team. He works under pressure and quickly, with excellent results – Bertrand Evina: with a master’s degree in international marketing, Bee as he is called joined Save. He attended Samuel between 2000 and 2004. Passionate about marketing, he is at the origin of all our campaigns, and manages our online community

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