Solar cars made in Cameroon by Jengu Sarl

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A Cameroonian Inventor Gaspard Mpondo, CEO of Jengu Sarl, a Cameroonian company which produces a wide range of solar vehicles in its workshops in Douala, has just presented the different models of vehicles manufactured by this car manufacturer.

It will therefore be necessary to get used to, from Douala to Yaoundé, via Limbé, Bafoussam, Ngaoundéré or Bertoua to see vehicles, automobiles, motor tricycles, vans, branded 4X4s or even vans of Cameroonian brands and names circulating.

Like the Ebokolo, a beautiful 4-wheeled city car with 4 seats whose charge in the sun allows a range of 6 to 8 hours for a maximum speed of 48 km / h.

There is also the ” Ekoule ” motor tricycle (40 km / hour), or the Makoto van (45 km / hour).

Meanwhile, the 4X4 Epee B is a luxury model with a maximum speed of 70-75 km / hour, the battery of which takes 6-7 hours of charging. It is also one of the most expensive models in the price range of all the vehicles offered, which goes from 32 million to a few hundred thousand CFA francs.

The Ceekeehi van model, designed by Jengu Sarl, which reaches a maximum speed of 105 km / h will be useful to facilitate the transport of goods.

Various models of the Jendu Sarl Solar cars

This is a real industrial revolution in Cameroon which, if it receives the support, the confidence of the Cameroonian populations and the anointing of government and other institutions, will open up new horizons in the development and construction of the country.

Those who will get these models and others here presented in pictures can simply say goodbye to gasoline, since the sun and Lithium battery allow these vehicles to be energized.

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