Teenage Cameroonian invents prototype of an airplane.

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Vidiol Tsague, with his prototype passenger plane

A 17-year-old school dropout in Cameroon, Vidiol Tsague, has invented the model of a passenger plane that can fly for a few seconds. He has since been drawing in a media buzz within the country. 

The student, who dropped out of secondary school in the North-Western city of Bamenda since of the progressing armed strife within the two English-speaking Regions of the central African country, has pulled in the attention of not only the media (both local and worldwide) but too of a few government specialists who have guaranteed to back the skilled teenager.

Cameroon dazed at Vidiol’s Ingenuity

The young designer and innovator has been seen moving around with his innovation which is very a irregularity in Cameroon. The plane, which physically looks precisely like a real airplane, flies with the assistance of a battery and is piloted using a locally-made remote control. It weighs about 3.5 kilograms and it’s approximately two meters long. It was assembled using light nearby materials.

“The remote control that I use is not able to fully control the plane when it’s many feet in the air. The battery that I have is also not good. Sometimes, it gets weak when the plane is in the air, and it automatically goes on a free fall…,”  said Vidiol

Tsague moreover said he had been working to come up with the airplane prototype for around eight years. His dream, he added, is to study engineering to be able to make a real airplane that can fly long distances with people on board, but regrets the truth that his poor parents cannot afford to advance his education. 

Vidiol has been seen along the streets of some cities in Cameroon, particularly Bamenda, surrounded by tremendous crowds observing him pilot his simulated airplane. When Vidiol controls his plane a few feet into the air, he can control it back to a secure landing at the point it took off.

The young airplane designer met with the Authorities

Since the beginning of this month, the young Vidiol Tsague has been received by several government officials in Cameroon, who have promised to not only help him go back to school but also to pursue his dream in the domain of engineering.

InAugust, the teenage inventor and some of his family members were received in audience by Cameroon’s deputy Foreign Minister in charge of relations with the Commonwealth, Felix Mbayu.

Later the same day, they met the Deputy Minister at the Economy Ministry in charge of Planning, Paul Tasong, who marveled at the ingenuity of the boy and pledged to ensure he goes back to the classroom this coming academic year.

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