“The Responsible Mboa ” the new game from Cameroonian studio Kiro’o Games

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The Responsible Mboa ( “Le Responable Mboa ” in French) is a humorous game that puts you in the shoes of a young civil servant in the imaginary republic of mboa. A game that simulates the private and professional lives of “Mboanais”, habitants of the Mboa Republic.

The Responsible Mboa mobile game project was launched in November 2016 just a few months after the release of the Aurion pc game. The concept has evolved a lot because the first idea of ​​this game was to put the player in the shoes of a President of the Republic so that he could face the constraints and demands of this function.

But after careful consideration, the team decided that it would be more fun to simulate the life … of an “African elite” by drawing inspiration from clichés and situations experienced and observed especially in French-speaking Africa. The Responsible Mboa has already gone through 3 alpha versions, whether in terms of gameplay, visuals or artistic direction.

The team worked hard to approach social issues in the game with humor and self-deprecation. Without being moralistic, in The Responsible Mboa the player will experience the “consequences” of his choices.

This time the project is no longer carried alone by the founder Olivier Madiba but by the entire team dedicated to the project.

Kiroo Games made Aurion L’Héritage des Kori-Odan, the 1st African-Fantasy game on PC in 2016. And since 2018, this startup has taken a major turn in its business model, now targeting the African public on smartphones. The studio opened its capital in Equity Crowdfunding in April 2019 to raise 1 million USD and realize the most inspiring digital game catalog in Africa.

Game Scenario

Before the existence of the Republic of Mboa, being an unrelated youth did not give access to a job in a large company.

But today, the future of young people is not so bleak as a new generation of men and women dedicate themselves every day to serving the people to make a difference. And our dear founder, supreme guide and savior President RBM is the initiator of this new dynamic.

This is when the story of the civil servant you will play will begin: you are the hope of the village. Everyone has contributed for you and you have finally passed the EMAM (Mboa Administrative Manger School).

But as everyone finally succeeded in this “very select” competition, H.E MOUGABIANG decided that you must do a week of internship to validate your registration number. This is the start of your career in the government of Mboa.

Will you become an elite of our beloved republic of Mboa?


The Responsible Mboa is in “Early Access” on Google Play Store and In less than a week,  has been downloaded more than 3300 times with overwhelmingly positive reviews on the quality that amazes. This version of the game represents approximately 5% of the final game. But despite this the game is written so that players can experience 4 different stories: the outcome of the story is linked to the choices made in game. The game will evolve enormously based on feedback from the community. At this point, here’s what a player can do :

-Manage your career Live typical Mboanese dialogues; —Accept or refuse missions from superiors;

-Play mini games such as Process Files;

-Succumb or dodge various temptations;

-Accept or refuse the “Tchokos”(Bribes);

-Earn money for your needs.

-Manage your privacy Manage couples’ discussions with your fiancée;

-Manage your family on Mboatsapp;

-Dodge or succumb to the temptations of “Trasherie”

-Go out with your colleagues or “friend”.

In Game Screenshots

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